Welcome to Croft Holidays!

Your hosts here are Anne and Ian, together with our 18 month old border collie and one year old cat Tabitha. We moved here in 2007 (Ian) and 2010 (Anne) and have been running the cottages ever since. Ian is a retired statistician, though he still does a little consultancy; we moved here so he could work at Frontier Science Scotland. Anne worked in molecular virology for 30 years before moving here, which does mean she understands how to eliminate virus from worktops! She now manages the cottages, a flat in France, and runs a glass fusing business and art gallery in Kingussie (Fused and Light based at Chapel House Arts). Why not take one of Anne’s classes while you are here?

We both enjoy walking and cycling so can advise on all sorts of routes. Ian has a lot of bike tools should you need any maintenance while you are here. We can also store your bikes in our garage while here but please let us know in advance so we can ensure there is some space!

Let us know if there is anything you need for your pets also. Having a dog now means we can better advise on quiet, lamb free walks! Strone road is actually one of the most popular dog walks in the village being a circular rounte, it’s about a mile round. But of course you can also just walk straight up the hill from the door, or onto part or all of the wild cat trail which runs 200m from the cottages.

We hope to welcome here at Croft Holidays.