Summer flowers in the Cairngorms

During June and July there are some wonderful Summer flowers in the Cairngorms. There is a stunning changing display of orchids, thistles, geraniums, foxgloves, thyme and so much more. As you can see from the photos, many of the flowers are in shades of pinks and yellows. This is important as the flowers, in turn, attract a tremendous range of butterflies and moths which add to the beauty and diversity of the area. At midsummer you can easily see 4 different varieties of orchids, including the rare pale green greater butterfly orchids.

Where can we see these flowers? River meadows are the best places. We recommend the Wildcat trail section by the River Spey and also section of the Spey close to the Dell in Kingussie, as well as Tromie meadows at Tromie Bridge.

How can we identify these fowers? There is a lovely little book entitled “Wildflower walks around Newtonmore” by Sue Thomas, which can be bought from the Wildcat Centre in Newtonmore.