Current Booking Situation.

Our current situation with respect to the Covid pandemic is we are still in Scottish tier 4. This means we can only accept bookings for February from essential workers or a few other limited categories. There is a good chance this will continue until the end of March, so sadly we are unlikely to be able to share these lovely wintry scenes with you this year. This photograph was taken from near the cottages towards our local mountain A’Chailleach.

We do have a lot of forward bookings coming into Easter and the Summer though, as we transferred quite a few bookings from 2020 to 2021. And others who didn’t get away last year have been keen to secure bookings this year.

We would therefore encourage you, if you are thinking of coming and discovering all the fantastic scenery, wildlife and outdoor activities possible within the Cairngorms National Park, to book your holiday fairly soon. We hope that we will be out of tier 4 by Easter, but of course there are no guarantees. If you are unable to come due to Covid restrictions then we will either transfer your booking to another suitable date or refund you, so there is no drawback to booking in advance. So our recommendation is book now!